So by now we hope you recognise Bristol Drain and Plumbing are not only experts at dealing with all sorts of problems from blocked drains, toilets, sinks, and gullies for both domestic and commercial customers. We also hope you know that first and foremost we are experts in plumbing. I cannot tell you the amount of time a customer tells me that they have been told to replace the toilet due to a leak.
Look, there are many reasons toilets can leak, here are a few examples, the isolation valve that feeds the toilet water, the fill valve that helps stop the cistern from over filling, a cracked overflow pipe when water passes the correct height. There is also a flush valve inside the cistern, this can sometimes become old and allow small amounts of water to leak into you toilet, these are day to day issues we can solve without replacing the toilet. Just take a look at our reviews you will know that we can be trusted to give you an honest opinion any time of day.