Blocked Drain - Bristol Drain and Plumbing

We investigate a blocked drain. On arriving we could see that drain was overflowing. A very typical of the type of emergency we deal with daily in the Bristol and the surrounding areas.

When this happens it can affect the entire street and in most cases it a simple case of the drain being blocked as a result of something like wet wipes, being disposed of down the system.

Sometimes it can be something else in the pipes or it could also be the result of fat build-up, again as a result of someone pouring oil from the chip pan down the drain or on occasion, it can be a bit more serious as a collapsed pipe.

In this case, it was the former easily identified by using our CCTV camera survey equipment. We removed the blockage, wet wipes, flushed out any residue materials and was on our way to the next emergency.

Skills: Blocked Drain, Emergency Plumber, CCTV Survey