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Handheld drain auger

Handheld drain augers are usually created to clear portions of a drain from the drain opening to about 8 m (25ft) into the drain. The cord of the drain auger is forced into a drain by a drum rotated by the machinist and anchors the cord. 

The majority of handheld augers are narrow enough to fit through standard sink traps, but some creators do suggest not using these on toilets as they can mark ceramic fittings. To resolve this issue, a special closet auger (from the term water closet or WC) will be more effective for devices like toilets. 

Drain rods are comparable to handheld augers, but these are better suited to pipes that are lengthy and unbending. 

Some benefits of using handheld drain augers over other products include that they are readily available from everyday hardware shops, and they include a relatively low initial cost. 

However, one of the disadvantages of handheld drain augers is that they are usually limited to only be able to reach 8 metres into the drain and, as previously mentioned, the twisting cable can mark ceramic surfaces. They can also only be used effectively on thin pipes (40-50 mm) and so cannot be used on main waste water pipes which have a diameter of 110 mm. 

Protective gloves and goggles (or some other form of eye protection) must be worn when using handheld drain augers and good hygiene must be practised after being exposed to substances from the drains.