We are on call 24/7 to react to all emergency and non-emergency plumbing and drainage issues. Not only for a blocked drain Bristol but for blocked sinks, toilets, showers and other plumbing needs in the surrounding areas.


A Bristol Plumber you can Trust and a Company you can rely on.

Bristol Drain and Plumbing has a dedicated team for all kind of blockages from a blocked toilet, sinks and drains. We are in Bristol but have teams available in Somerset, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Bristol Drain and Plumbing

Our Reputation

We guarantee 100% of our work and we’re proud of it and our reputation, with over hundreds of reviews on Checkatrade by real happy customers.  When you call us you get a Bristol plumber you can trust. We won’t trap you with some artificially low price, then double or triple it. We deliver on price.

Our highly-trained team of engineers are on-call around the clock to make sure that there’s always someone available when you need us. Call our affable office team to get your free fixed-price quote today. Our prices and services are unparalleled and it’s clear that our plethora of wonderful, loyal customers agree as we have countless Google My Business and CheckaTrade,

We’ve got the experience, knowledge and tools to solve any drainage issues you may be experiencing. Our team of skilled engineers are highly qualified and are continuously trained to use advanced methods for clearing drains like CCTV drainage surveys. Our engineers are also expertly trained to offer assistance in plumbing emergencies so that you and your home can be safe and assisted as soon as possible.

Here, at Bristol Drain and Plumbing, we’re fully equipped to resolve any plumbing or drainage problems that may come your way. Below are some of the drainage issues that we resolve every day:

Damaged or blocked drains | Damaged or blocked sewers or pipes for sewage| Large Pipes that are damaged by trees | Foul odours from drains | Issues with septic tanks and cesspits | Drains that have collapsed or been broken | Joint displacement in drains or pipes | Leaking pipes or drains | Drains or pipes that are overflowing | Blockages of grease or fat in drains | Issues with communal drains | Slow draining or blocked showers and toilets | Drainage issues in ditches | Rubble, debris or concrete blocking drains | Water level issues | Deformed pipes or drainage systems | Busy vehicle disruption effecting pipes and drains | Pitch fibre issues within pipes | Ground movement effecting drainage

Let’s get your drains flowing freely again! We guarantee that you’ll be impressed by our efficiency and the high standard of customer service that we provide so give us a call and you’ll never need to find a new plumbing number ever again!

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Our Service

We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Bristol at your convenience, these services include plumbing, drain and sewage cleaning. Our plumbers in Bristol are trained, professional, uniformed and insured. We handle all types of major and minor residential and commercial plumbing projects.

Our experienced, wonderful team of Bristol plumbers are highly qualified and experienced professionals. They’ll be able to solve any plumbing issue that you’re experiencing to the highest standard and with exceptional customer service every time.

We offer a same day repair service to all of our customers. Every repair that we carry out also comes with a 12-month guarantee so you can be confident in the quality of the work we do. Give us a call today for a fixed-price quote for free!

Clearing Bristol’s drain blockages is what we excel at!

Is your property annoyingly effected by a blockage in your bathroom, maybe a blocked toilet? Or is the commercial building you own experiencing plumbing issues? Don’t ignore the problem, we’re here to help you! Give our knowledgeable, in-office team a call, and we’ll be able to provide you with some expert advice. On some occasions, you’ll be able to resolve the problem yourself with household products from your local hardware store, but if the problem proves itself to be too stubborn for these methods then you’ll need our professional help. If you’re unable to remove the blockage easily, it’s likely that this is caused by a more in-depth issue and you’ll requires the benefits of a CCTV drainage survey to diagnose the problem.

How much do our drain unblocking services cost?

Here at Bristol Drain and Plumbing, in general we can clear your drain from £89. If we need to investigate further, say with a CCTV drain survey, then we will provide you with a fixed-price quote before any additional work begins. This means that we can find the source of the issue and so can then effectively solve the problem.

Whether the issue you’re facing is a blocked sink or drain, or flooding caused by a blockage, we’ve got the equipment and knowledge to fix your problem efficiently and quickly so that you can move on and enjoy yourself. Our team of expert plumbing engineers are on call right now to help you with any plumbing issues you might be experiencing, so give them a call for advice and a free quote! Let’s get your drains flowing freely again!

Regardless of whether you’re in Bristol or in any of the surrounding areas, our wonderful team will be able to get to you quickly, especially in an emergency. We aim to be with all of our clients within an hour, and we always ensure that we’re prioritising emergencies as we know how distressing plumbing issues can be.

Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

What is the best method for unblocking drains?

The most effective way to ensure that your drain is unblocked correctly, is to call in professional help (of course, you assumed we’d say that!)

It’s definitely worth trying some home remedies before giving us a call as pouring hot water down the drain can sometimes clear blockages that can easily be dislodged. Alternatively, chemical solutions can be purchased from the hardware store, but these do have to be handled with care when being used in the home. If you’re unable to remove the blockage yourself, or if you’d just rather get some professional help, then calling Bristol Drain and Plumbing is the best way to ensure that your drainage problems will be correctly and efficiently resolved for the foreseeable future.

How do you clear a stubborn blockage in a drain?

For blockages that can’t easily be removed or that are continuously reoccurring, we’d strongly suggest that you call in professional help. More frequently than not, a tricky blockage does mean that there is a more severe problem with your drainage system or your pipework.

If you do have a stubborn blockage, we’d highly recommend performing a CCTV drain survey so that we can discover exactly what the issue is with your drainage system. Once we’ve found the issue, we’ll be able to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to resolve the problem.

How much does it cost to clear a main sewage line?

The price for clearing a main sewage line is really dependent on how severely your line is blocked and the reason for the severe blockage. The standard price for a simple drain jetting us, a pressurised water jet or a drain snake from £60.

If the severely blocked drain is caused by tree roots damaging the pipe or by subsidence, then the cost for the repair will be higher. Don’t panic though! Before any additional methods are tried, or any extra work is carried out, we will always provide you with a fixed price quote so that you go into any proceedings well-informed.

What can I try to unblock the drain myself?

We always recommend that, before you give us a call, it’s best to try and clear your drain yourself. Using a plunger to clear the blockage or pouring hot water down the drain are a good place to start as these are very accessible, safe at-home options. If these methods are unsuccessful then we’d recommend pouring vinegar and baking soda down your drain separately to cause a reaction and (hopefully) clear the blockage.

If none of these traditional methods successfully remove your blockage, then you can purchase chemical or biological drain clearers from hardware stores and these can be very effective.

For a guaranteed effective solution, though, we would recommend giving us a call at Bristol Drainage and Plumbing. It can often work out cheaper to just call us in than to have to gather plenty of chemicals and supplies and then spend hours attempting to unblock the drain yourself. After all, your time is valuable!

How do I clear a blocked sink?

For a blocked sink, we’d recommend trying a sink plunger to begin with. Another great at-home method is using a disformed wire coat hanger to try to remove the blockage. Then you can attempt at-home and chemical methods (the same methods as for a drain can be attempted on a sink.) If you’re still unable to resolve the issue then please do give us a call, and we guarantee we’ll be able to fix it.

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Do you need an Emergency Plumber in Bristol?

This is what you should do

No matter where you are in Bristol, or which plumbing emergency you are experiencing, we are here to help, and we will be sure to attend to any of your plumbing needs! We are a dedicated, experienced, local, 24-hour plumbing team, and we offer professional gas engineering, drainage and plumbing expertise for any problem you may be experiencing. All of our services come with a quality guarantee, and we will always aim to be with you within an hour for an emergency, regardless of where you are in Bristol.

We have an emergency plumber in every corner of Bristol whether that is the City Centre, Harbourside and Hotwells, Park Street, the Triangle, Whiteladies Road, Clifton Village, Cotham, Redland, St Andrews, Southville, Bedminster, Totterdown, Stokes Croft, St. Pauls, Montpellier, St. Weburghs, Easton, Stoke Bishop, Sneyd Park, Westbury-on-Trym, Henleaze, North Bristol, Bradley, Stoke and Stoke Gifford. Expected times for us to get to you can vary on location, but we will always be with you as soon as possible!

If you do find yourself with an urgent plumbing emergency, please get in touch, and we will be with you as soon as possible. Whilst you are waiting for our arrival, you may need to find a temporary solution to your plumbing crisis. To help with this, we have included a useful guide below on how to easily and effectively stop a leak or a burst pipe so that the issue doesn’t worsen before we can get to you.


How to quickly prevent a burst pipe or a leak from causing more damage | If the leak does not stop right away | If the leak will not stop at all | If the cold-water pipe is leaking | If the hot water pipe is leaking | Make a note of the task at hand | Doing your research | Making the call | Insurance | Comparing quotes and making a decision.

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