There are many reasons you can suffer from a block toilet. One of the main reasons it can overflow are blockages. We have all used a bit to much toilet paper, but what you may not realise is the paper can catch the pan connector and no amount of flushing is going to realise it, you will simply see the water level rise and eventually overflow, with a bit of luck you have tiles on the floor in your toilet so no real harm done. If you have another floor covering, a simple blocked toilet can lead to a nightmare of a situation.
Do not keep flushing the toilet you can try, removing blockages from the toilet using something like a plunger, or chemicals to break down the blockage allowing the flow of water once again. But remember if you ever get stuck, Bristol Drain and Plumbing, are at hand to help not only to unblock the toilet issue but also check there isn’t something stuck to the pan connector.