Blocked Drain Repair

We received a call asking us if we could attend a blocked drain situation in Bristol. On the first inspection, our team realised that a CCTV survey needed to be done, to see what was the root cause of the blockage.

Luckily for the customer, we are a professional company, therefor CCTV surveillance equipment forms part of our standard toolset.

Our team carried out a full CCTV survey and found several large cracks in the pipes, we were able to show the footage to the customer and explained that the crack pipes would cause blockage to occur frequently. Because we were able to carry out the survey, we were able to save time and agree on a plan of action with the customer before ploughing head.

The customer asked us to replace the entire drainage system, which we did, to his satisfaction and pleasure.

We like what we do and we like making our customers happy. Job done.


Skills: CCTV Survey, Drainage System

Requirement: Emergency Plumber Bristol