Sewage farms for disposal and irrigation

History of water supply, sanitation and drainage.
Wastewater Reuse Activities
Ancient China
Roman Empire
Islamic World
Medieval Europe
Classic and early modern Mesoamerica
Sewage farms for disposal and irrigation
Modern age
Bristol, Liverpool, London and other cities, UK

Sewage farms were created so that waste could be maximised by being used to benefit crop growth. These operated all over Europe with some being present in Edinburgh (1650), Paris (1868), Berlin (1876), the USA (1871) and Bunzlau (1531.) Within the next few centuries, the 16 and 18th centuries, “sewage farms” were viewed as an effective way to dispose of large amounts of waste. Some of these are still operational today. China and India have historically used waste as a form of irrigation and Australia even created a “sewage farm” in Melbourne in 1897.

Modern age