If the hot water pipe is leaking:

Once your mains have been switched off, if the leak is still continuing and it is still continuously coming from a hot water pipe (which is not a part of your central heating), then this will also be coming from your cold-water tank in your loft. Hot water comes from your cold-water tank as gravity moves the water into your hot water cylinder from the tank and it then travels into your pipes.

A leak from a hot water pipe can instantly be stopped to avoid further damage by locating and turning off your gate valve. This will be on your cold supply pipe which should be connected to the hot water cylinder and can easily be identified as a red handle that looks like a wheel. This will usually be in your airing cupboard and should be located on the lowest pipe that connects to your hot water cylinder.

If turning the gate valve near your hot water cylinder does not work then you can turn on all of your hot taps. As mentioned above, this will definitely empty the contents of your cold-water tank. As before, additionally opening your cold taps at the same time as your hot taps will ensure that this process happens faster but, for this to work, you must ensure that your cold taps are not supplied by your mains.

Before you call Bristol Drain and Plumbing emergency plumber do give some thought into whether you actually do need our help. 

This is a vital point to consider as some plumbing or drainage problems can be solved very easily and quickly without our professional help. For example, there could be the problem of an overflowing toilet cistern. In this situation a customer may be alarmed and contact us as this can cause water to emerge from the toilet and from the overflow pipe that is on the side of your property. However, a problem like this can easily be resolved as, when we have been called out to cases like this before, a quick examination of the cistern let us diagnose the problem rapidly. This, as is often the case, was caused by the flat having become unscrewed from the arm of the ball valve. To resolve this, all that was needed was for the ball valve to be screwed back onto the float arm and the problem was solved. This took only a matter of seconds and could easily be done at home if you know what to look for.

There are many more complicated situations, however, where you will require our professional help. For example, even if you have successfully prevented the issue from progressing, you may not have the resources, or the time, to fix the problem permanently. In some situations, where you are able to solve the issue yourself, it may even be that it is simply easier and more cost effective for you to hire a professional as resources can be expensive and not everyone can take time from work to solve complicated issues.

Regardless, if you feel that you are unable to successfully identify the issue or if you feel more comfortable using a professional service, then calling Bristol Drain and Plumbing Emergency plumber is the best option for you! There are, of course, also some procedures that should only be performed by correctly qualified individuals, like the removal of asbestos or operating on appliances which are powered by gas. For problems like these, please do give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to help!