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Hydro-mechanical drain cleaners 

Hydro-mechanical drain cleaners push pressurised water through the drain so that the blockage is broken up and flushed down the drain. 

The majority of city building codes state that pipes must increase in diameter as it moves closer to the main sewage system. For example, an average kitchen sink has a pipe that has roughly a 1 ½ inch diameter which is then connected to a 4-inch pipe which is eventually connected to the city sewage system. This system means that, unless roots from trees or other waste disrupts the underground pipes, most household drains become blocked in the thinnest part of the pipe (usually in the drain trap or the pop-up.) Blockages in these parts of the pipes can be reached with ease by a hydro-mechanical drain cleaner’s hose. 

A benefit of hydro-mechanical drain cleaners is that they’re very environmentally friendly as most of them utilise tap water. They are also unlikely to damage plumbing joints and are able to remove blockages, like sand, that are harder to permanently remove with other drain cleaners like conventional augers. Hydro-mechanical cleaners, unlike air-burst cleaners, do not use pressure in the pipes and so are much safer to use. Some variations of hydro-mechanical drain cleaners have functions for both hot and cold water which mean that they have additional cleaning power for other substances like fats or proteins which can be cleared by melting them. 

On the other hand, hydro-mechanical drain cleaners do require a nearby water source for them to be able to operate. They do also have a limited range that they are successfully able to function within the drain and so are not suitable for every drain blockage. 

The high-pressure water needed for a hydro-mechanical drain cleaner does come with some safety risks as it can cause injury if it comes into contact with skin or more fragile parts of the body (e.g eyes.)