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Electric drain cleaner

Electric drain cleaners (also known as plumber’s snakes) use mechanical energy from an electric engine to force a cable or spring into a pipe in a clockwise direction. These are readily available with cables being available from up to 40 metres meaning that they can reach up to 80 metres within the drain. 

Electric drain cleaners are very effective at unblocking long sections of the pipe, and they are able to extract solid items from the drain (like roots or jewellery.) They are also easily accessible and can be purchased from most hardware shops or stores where machinery like this can be rented. Variants of electric drain cleaners that use a spring can effortlessly fit through 90 bends in the pipes without harming the pipes and whilst still effectively clearing the blockage. 

Unfortunately, electric drain cleaners do have a much higher relative cost and are much heavier than most other drain cleaners. They also require a great deal of physical exertion to operate, especially if the cable is hard to control due to its length. 

Protective gloves and goggles, or other eye protection, must be worn whilst electric drain cleaners are being operated. Care also must be taken when operating the machinery as it does rotate and the cable must carefully be controlled so that it doesn’t become overstressed. Correctly grounded electrical sources must also be used when operating this sort of machinery as electrical faults or weak fixtures can result in injury.