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Air burst drain cleaner

Air burst drain cleaners use pressured gas, usually carbon dioxide or air, to breakdown the membrane of the blockage. Accelerated gas generates a force on still water and this breaks down the blockage that has formed close to the opening of the drain. 

This method for unblocking drains is particularly useful as it allows for slow-moving or blocked drains to be cleared effectively and quickly whereas chemical drain cleaners can work more slowly. Air burst cleaners can also dislodge blockages that are close to the opening of the drain more effectively than a plunger and do not cause marks on ceramics, unlike the handheld drain auger. 

In contrast, air burst cleaners do have a restricted range, especially in pipes that do not hold any standing water. They are also not particularly effective when used on main sewer drains or at eliminating blockages that are too far into the drain. 

Goggles, or other apparatus to protect your eyes, must be worn whilst using an air burst drain cleaner. Gas canisters are also used with air burst cleaners and so care must be taken when using and handling these canisters.